Werkgruppe Docent/Lecturer Department of Public Administration and Sociology (0.5-0.8 FTE) (2023)

Starting mid-August 2023, we are looking for a pair of enthusiastic and sociable management specialists and sociologists who are willing to contribute to the training of sociology and management courses for a period of one year.

job description

As a mentor, you lead working groups of first-, second- or third-year undergraduate students (sociology and public administration) or master students (sociology). You observe and analyze group processes and make adjustments where necessary, using questions and examples and by creating an inspiring learning environment. It is a challenge for you to work with your students to create a deeper understanding of the material, thereby stimulating and activating a level of professional thinking throughout the team. You enjoy and find it a challenge to support a student body during your own studies. Being able to inspire and motivate is an important element of the position.

The team is made up of around 30 passionate teachers and academic lecturers who collectively make an important contribution to the education of the various programs within the College. It's a passionate team with young, diverse and enthusiastic colleagues who you can learn from and room to grow and experiment.

The position is for one year and during that year you will have the opportunity to develop where you will learn all about being a teacher: working with many areas of responsibility, with different peak moments throughout the year and being very inspiring A heart-warming work environment where not only can students learn a lot from you, but you can also learn a lot from your students.

Daily activities include:

  • You teach two to three small groups per day and meet once or twice a week at set times. You will also act as a skills trainer during weekly placements.
  • You support students with additional courses every five to ten weeks, starting with a changing group composition;
  • You attend and participate in professional consultations, assessment sessions, interviews and team meetings;
  • You have almost every block of three to five days a week to focus on the work to be done;
  • You allocate your own time (outside class time) to carry out additional activities within the stipulated framework and deadlines, such as preparing lessons, checking assignments and related administrative operations (such as attendance and grade registration).

Work requirements

The job requirements associated with this position are:

  • You have completed a university master's degree in public administration or sociology or a related field of study by September 2023;
  • You have good written and oral communication skills in Dutch, English (demonstrable) is an advantage;
  • You can use consecutive due dates and appointments;
  • You enjoy variety in tasks, themes and activities;
  • You have a solid foundation and you can clearly communicate your expectations to students and colleagues;
  • You are a team player and involve colleagues in your deliberations and choices;
  • You have good reflective skills, you are open to feedback and accept it constructively;
  • You are able to identify, acknowledge and explain your boundaries to colleagues and managers;
  • Familiarity with statistics and scientific methods and techniques is preferred;
  • Demonstrable knowledge and experience of a supervisory (teaching) group is an advantage;
  • From 23 August 2023, you can attend induction meetings, training and preparation before training begins on 4 September;
  • You can use it at any time during all teaching weeks of the school year.

If you have teaching experience, we strongly encourage you to mention this in your application letter.

In consultation, a combination of discussion and research is possible.

terms of employment

International and diverse work in enthusiastic teams with excellent employment conditions according to the Collective Terms of Employment of Dutch Universities (CAO NU).

The start date for this position is 16 August 2023 and the position is located at the Department of Public Administration and Sociology at the Woudestein campus in Rotterdam. Function is 0.5 – 0.8 FTE. The salary depends on your knowledge and experience, according to the CAO-NU, the gross salary for a full-time job is between EUR 2,960.00 and EUR 4,670.00 per month (class 10). Plus, we offer you 8% vacation pay, an 8.3% year-end bonus and a very generous vacation plan. In addition, Euros are linked to ABP's pension benefits, we offer partially paid parental leave, partner fully paid additional maternity leave, group health insurance discounts and individual career budgets. As an employee you also have access to EUR facilities such as the University Library and receive discounts on subscriptions to the Erasmus Sports Centre.

Erasmus University Rotterdam offers the Dual Career Program (DCP) to help partners of new academic staff find work in the Netherlands. The program is delivered in close cooperation with the nearby universities of Delft and Leiden.

Erasmus University Rotterdam wants to be an equitable and inclusive community. We promote a culture of openness and support for everyone to reach their full potential. We view talent inclusion as the foundation of our success, and diversity of perspectives and individuals as a valuable outcome. EUR provides equal opportunity to all employees and job applicants regardless of their gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, race, age, neurodiversity, occupational disability, citizenship status, or any other aspect that makes them unique. We hope to see you in our community.


You can apply via AcademicTransfer before 21 June 2023, notifying the Institute of Public Administration and Sociology Working Group teachers/mentors. Please include your motivation letter and resume with your application.

Talks will take place at the end of June 2023.

We look forward to receiving your application.

Take care with AcademicTransfer

Job Vacancy Information

For more information on EUR and ESSB, please visiteur.nl/essb

Further information on vacancies can be obtained from the Tutor Coordination Group DPAS via:tutorcoordination.dpas@essb.eur.nl


Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) is an internationally oriented university with a clear social vision for education and research – hence our mission "Create a positive social impact". More than 3,700 staff work at EUR, and almost 33,000 students from 140 countries receive our academic education. In everything we do, we do so under the tenet of the Erasmus Way - to make ideas matter. We are global citizens who are connected, progressive, open-minded and socially active. These Erasmus values ​​act as our inner compass, making Erasmus University recognizable and unique to the outside world. Based on these values, our employees work closely together to solve the social challenges of dynamic and cosmopolitan Rotterdam with a broad perspective and a diversity of eyes, with different backgrounds and perspectives. Thanks in part to the high quality and positive social impact of our education and research as well as our unique mindset, EUR can compete with top European universities.www.eur.nl.


Erasmus School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (ESSB)

Erasmus School of Social and Behavioral Sciences has a diverse range of disciplines: Public Administration, Educational Sciences, Psychology and Sociology. Erasmus University College, IHS and the two research institutes RISBO and DRIFT are also affiliated with the Faculty. This diversity is also reflected in our (international) Bachelor and Master programs and in our research. Teachers' activities always aim at people and society. Our activities are always centered on people and society. Internationally oriented basic research is of paramount importance at ESSB. Social studies for professional, political and social interests are also part of research activities. The Faculty provides an exciting research atmosphere, receiving important national and international research funding. Attractive visiting researchers from the Netherlands and abroad work here for short or long periods of time, as do ambitious doctoral students. Programs taught in Dutch and English are highly rated by students and alumni every year.

Programs offered in these academic areas currently serve nearly 4,000 students. ESSB also has more than 400 employees.

Department of Public Administration and Sociology (DPAS)

DPAS encompasses the academic areas of public administration and sociology. Two closely related disciplines, each with its own profile. Public administration focuses on governance, policy and organizational issues. Emphasis is placed on the functioning and effectiveness of administrative actions and policy interventions. The public administration in Rotterdam places great emphasis on transforming relationships, such as public-private partnerships or organizational networks or chains that share administrative responsibilities. Sociology studies the social structure of societies and the changes that occur within them. Sociology in Rotterdam focuses on phenomena such as globalization and individualization and their impact on international social relations, the labor market or family relations. Related social issues relate to immigration, flexibility and solidarity. Perspectives in public administration and sociology complement each other and together guarantee relevant and scientifically high-quality research on administrative and social issues. DPAS Bachelor and Master programs build on this, preparing students to become scientifically trained professionals.

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