2023 Bedste Oval Above Ground Pool Review Guide - Simply Fun Pools (2023)

January 8, 2023

Best Above Ground Oval Pool Reviews Guide for 2023– Looking for the best way to cool down this summer? Why not treat yourself to a beautiful oval pool? Not only is an above-ground pool a viable solution to the dreaded summer heat, but it's also a cost-effective alternative to an in-ground pool. One standout design that stands out the most is the above ground oval swimming pool. Finding the best oval above ground pool from all the options can be quite a challenge. But you've come to the right place. that's why we made thisBest Above Ground Oval Pool Reviews Guide for 2023to narrow down your choices more easily.

Intex 26795EH Oval Prism Frame Pool Set, 16.5' X 9' X 48", Light Gray

2023 Bedste Oval Above Ground Pool Review Guide - Simply Fun Pools (1)

With the Intex 26795EH Elliptical Prism Frame Pool Set, you'll get some premium features including a durable 3-ply material liner, high-quality powder-coated steel frame, and beautiful design. For a great backyard pool, choose an elegantly shaped pool with 48-inch walls that provides the perfect combination of volume and size.

Includes 110-120V cartridge filter pump with a pump capacity of 1,500 gallons per hour. Includes pool ladder, base fabric and pool cover.
Have water ready in 60 minutes. Maximum water capacity (90%): 3,531 gallons

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Main features:

  • Premium features include premium powder-coated steel frame, durable 3-ply material lining and attractive design
  • Elegantly shaped pool with 48" walls offers the perfect combination of size and volume for a great backyard pool
  • Includes 110-120V cartridge filter pump with a pump capacity of 1,500 gallons per hour
  • Includes pool ladder, base fabric and pool cover
  • Have water ready in 60 minutes. Maximum water capacity (90%): 3,531 gallons

Positive feedback from customers:

  • not strong enough
  • nice relaxing pool
  • perfect size

Negative customer feedback:

  • Itex could have done better in terms of quality.

Intex 18' x 10' x 42" Oval Frame Above Ground Pool Kit and 6 Filters

2023 Bedste Oval Above Ground Pool Review Guide - Simply Fun Pools (2)

This pool is perfect for friends and family. Perfectly shaped for the space you need in your backyard.
Packed with great accessories and features for all day fun in the sun. This Intex oval swimming pool is sure to grab everyone's attention. Easy to install without tools. Water is ready in just 30 minutes. When you purchase this product you get everything you need including an Intex 1000 GPH filter pump, waste cover, soil cloth, six pack filters and a 48" ladder. Wall height 42" and length 18" provides 2,885 liters of Water capacity 80% full Drains easily and conveniently with the drain plug, which accepts a garden hose for draining Instructions and a maintenance DVD are also included to help you get started.

Main features:

  • This 18' x 10' Oval Frame Pool Kit is an affordable and easy-to-install alternative to more complicated steel-walled pools.
  • The value of an Easy Set style pool combined with the classic shape of a rectangular pool maximizes value and swimming area
  • Versatile and durable oval frame pool features a rust-resistant metal frame supporting each side and is easy to assemble with snap-on joints, no tools required
  • The wall PVC material is INTEX's SUPER TOUGH PVC, which is a high-molecular PVC that is not affected by gasoline, oil and salt water. SUPER TOUGH PVC is highly resistant to damage from abrasion, impact and sunlight.

Positive feedback from customers:

  • easy to set up
  • We love this pool!
  • 3 hours to fill 2 hoses.

Negative customer feedback:

  • After 4 weeks, the flaps on the bottom of the rod have started to pull apart
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Blue Wave Belize 12' x 24' Oval 48" Deep 6" Top Rail Metal Wall Pool Set

2023 Bedste Oval Above Ground Pool Review Guide - Simply Fun Pools (3)

Belize will provide you and your family with years of sunny fun. Made by the leading above ground swimming pool
Company, Belize combines excellent quality with very affordable prices. EVERYTHING INCLUDED: Our Belizean pool set includes everything you need for swimming: – 48” deep Belizean pool – Pure blue liner – Wide mouth skimmer – A-frame ladder – 1 hp pump and strainer Sand System Sturdy Construction: Our durable 6" top rail and posts provide a sturdy structure for years of family fun. The luxury resin seat cover gives the Belize a sleek, modern look.

Star Galfin Galvanized Protection: All steel components in Belize are protected by the Star Galfin process. A proprietary combination of zinc and aluminum covers all steel components, giving them excellent corrosion resistance compared to other similarly priced pools. Belize won't chip, fade, rust or peel, and it's designed to look as good a decade from now as it does today. Installation: Belize is very easy to install and is suitable for do-it-yourselfers. Each pool comes with a comprehensive installation manual. Backed by a 15-year warranty.

Main features:

  • Steel Wall Above Ground Swimming Pool Set For Fun, Safe Leisure Use
  • Includes liner, pump and sand screen system, A-frame inlet ladder and wide mouth oil skimmer
  • Star Galfan galvanized coating provides excellent corrosion protection for swimming pools
  • Easy to install: Instructions are included
  • Available in round and oval shapes and 48 or 52 inch depths
  • 12x24ft Oval 48" Deep Above Ground Pool
  • Lined and A-frame ladders available

Positive feedback from customers:

  • Impressive, and not cheap to me.
  • The sand filter does a great job of cleaning the water and the pump is very quiet.
  • Excellent pump and filtration system
  • Impressive size, larger than most above ground pools
  • All the pieces are there!

Negative customer feedback:

  • The bottom rail is so thin and fragile that it greatly increases installation time.
  • Instructions for some things are missing (such as the final top rail assembly and a few other bits and pieces)
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Blue Wave Products Martinique 52" Tall Steel Above Ground Pool Kit Joining Gate Kit (15" x 30" Oval)

2023 Bedste Oval Above Ground Pool Review Guide - Simply Fun Pools (4)

Martinique Pool Features:Elevate your outdoor living space with contemporary style and rich blend of gray tones! Premium Star Galvin protective steel components provide sturdy construction for years of family fun. Durable 7" top rails and uprights with deluxe resin top covers. Professional craftsmanship results in an easy-to-assemble kit!

This beautiful 52" deep steel wall pool is a blend of style and quality! Included in our above ground pool starter kit: above ground steel wall pool kit with steel and resin components, hardware and mounting frame. Blue Wave Widemouth Skimmer and Return System Plumbing. Swimline True Blue Overlap Liner. A-Frame Entry Ladder Blue Wave Filtration System with High Flow Pump.

Comprehensive installation instructions. CUSTOMIZE YOUR NEW POOL KIT: Our Above Ground Pool Starter Kit includes the pool equipment you need to get you swimming! Contact us to add or remove any equipment and accessories that suit your needs. Our vast inventory includes all major pool and equipment brands!

Main features:

  • Elevate your outdoor living space with contemporary style and rich blend of gray tones!
  • Premium Star Galvin protective steel components provide sturdy construction for years of family fun
  • Durable 7" top rails and uprights with deluxe resin top covers
  • Superior craftsmanship results in an easy-to-assemble kit

Positive feedback from customers:

  • nothing now

Negative customer feedback:

  • nothing now
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Blue Wave NB2624 Martinique 15′ x 30′ Oval 52″ stålpool

Cornelius 18×33′ Oval Millennium Above Ground Pool, 52″ Walls

2023 Bedste Oval Above Ground Pool Review Guide - Simply Fun Pools (5)

Galvanized Krystal Kote Steel 52 Inch High Pool Wall - Khaki Tuscan Print. Wide Mouth Above Ground Swimming Pool Pre-Cut
Skimmer and Walking Beam * 7" Top Ledge with Polymer Primer and Krystal Kote Finish * 6" Vertical Post
With Polymer Primer & Krystal Kote Finish* Coated Galvanized Bottom Rail* Galvanized Hardware* Injected Resin Seat Cap & Bottom Plug* 25 Year Warranty (3 Years Full, 22 Years Prorated) Millennium Above Ground Pool Kit Includes : 52″ Tall Millennium Above Ground Swimlines Swimlines Perma2500 overlap Above Ground Pool Liner with Cooping Strips Waterway's Plastics Professional Wide Mouth Above Ground Pool Skimmer - Gray or White

Main features:

  • 52″ High Millennium Above Ground Pool
  • Swimlines Perma2500 Overlay Above Ground Pool Liner with Cover Strips
  • Waterway 的 Plastics Professional Bred mund over jorden poolskimmer
  • Galvanized Krystal Kote Steel 52" Tall Pool Wall 7" Top Edge w/Polymer Primer & Krystal Kote Finish* 6" Vertical Uprights w/ Polymer Primer & Krystal Kote Finish* Galvanized Bottom Rail
  • Straight Sidewalls for Oval Pools

Positive feedback from customers:

  • nothing now

Negative customer feedback:

  • nothing now

Check prices on Amazon

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in conclusion:

An above ground pool is definitely worth the investment. They offer the same level of comfort as in-ground pools but at a lower cost. we hope soBest Above Ground Oval Pool Reviews Guide for 2023Help you simplify your options.

2023 Bedste Oval Above Ground Pool Review Guide - Simply Fun Pools (6)


How long does an oval pool last? ›

The Basics: How Long Does the Average Above Ground Pool Last? In general, the average above ground pool will last between 7 and 15 years.

What is the easiest above ground pool to maintain? ›

Inflatable swimming pools are the least expensive, easy to maintain, and simple to set up. They require an air pump for inflation, but there's not much to it after that. Depending on the pool's size, setup can be completed in less than 1 hour. Some inflatable pools don't need a filter or chemicals for maintenance.

Why are oval pools more expensive? ›

Oval pools cost more for the pool and they cost more to install. the reason ovals cost more is they have straight sides which require more support. The side frames have many more parts and there is a strap system that connects these side frames.

Why are round pools cheaper than oval? ›

Often, you may only pay half of what you would if you were to build an oval-shaped pool. The main reason for this is because it is much easier to assemble a round pool. The shape allows the water to distribute evenly without an outside force. In short, this means round pools do not need to have a buttress system.

What time of year are pools cheapest? ›

Fall or winter pool installations usually offer lower prices, avoid the yearly increase of cost of goods, allow more time for landscaping to grow back, and may be eligible for tax write-offs.

Which pool lasts the longest? ›

A concrete pool has the highest lifetime cost and takes the longest to install (approximately three to six months), but it can be built to any specifications. They are the most difficult to maintain, but they also last the longest.

What kind of pool requires the least maintenance? ›

The Bottom Line

Concrete pools require the most maintenance. Vinyl pools come in second, and fiberglass needs the least maintenance of all.

Should you take down your above ground pool every year? ›

A: It's not a good idea to drain an above ground pool for winter. Snow, ice, extreme cold and errant debris will likely cause significant damage to a pool sitting out exposed to the elements. It's also expensive and time consuming to refill and chemically balance a new pool full of water in the spring.

What is the disadvantage of above ground pool? ›

The main disadvantage of an above-ground pool is that it generally adds no value to your home. They also have some of the same problems as in-ground pools, such as water evaporation and maintenance issues.

What is the most expensive part of owning a pool? ›

Did you know that running your swimming pool pump is the second most expensive thing to operate on your home after the HVAC units? It is most certainly THE most expensive part of maintaining a swimming pool.

What is a good size oval pool? ›

The most popular oval pools are 15 feet by 30 feet. The depth of your pool depends on the wall height. Aboveground pools come in three basic wall heights: 48 inches, 52 inches (most popular) and 54 inches.

What is the most popular pool size? ›

The most common pool size and shape is a 16 by 32-foot rectangle. That's the minimum size you need for an 8-foot deep end. That gives you 8 feet of the shallow end. Bump up to a 16 by 40-foot pool, and you double your shallow end to 16 feet.

What is the most popular pool depth? ›

A recreational pool needs a large shallow area. Most pool steel walls are 42” high and the water level is about 4” lower—halfway or a bit higher into the skimmer. That means 38” standard shallow end, and typically a 6-foot deep end.

Which above ground pool shape is best? ›

The number one reason homeowners choose round above ground pools over ovals is the price. While that may not be shocking, just how much can be saved overall might be. Round pools provide more swimming area at a lower price meaning you're getting the best price per gallon.

What is the best shape pool to get? ›

Rectangular pool shapes are universally the most common among all designs. While round pools are more communally social, rectangular pools are better for accommodating different groups of people. This is why most apartment buildings tend to adopt this shape for their pools, especially since landscaping is so limited.

What is the best season to install a pool? ›

Fall and winter are undoubtedly the best times to install an inground pool as you can guarantee your pool will be ready for the next swim season. Another reason why booking in your pool build at this time is a great idea is because it can help you ensure your yard is in the right shape.

What month should I put my pool up? ›

Statistically, the best time of year to open your swimming pool is in the spring, either in March or April, depending on where you live. Experts say that by waiting until temperatures start to climb above 65 degrees, you run the risk of waiting too long.

Is a pool a lot of upkeep? ›

On average, pool maintenance costs $180 per month during the season when the pool is in use. The simplest, most inexpensive pool maintenance tasks include skimming the water and adding chemicals. On the other end of the spectrum, it will cost more to replace broken parts or prepare the pool to open for the year.

What type of pool is the easiest? ›

People who have heard the buzz about fiberglass, but don't yet have all the details will frequently ask us, “What are its advantages?” When they do, we humorously ask, “How much time do you have?” Not only are fiberglass pools the easiest type to own and maintain, there are many other benefits as well.

Which is easier to maintain saltwater pool or chlorine? ›

In addition to health factors, saltwater pools are much lower maintenance than chlorine systems and thus more user-friendly. You don't need algaecides because the system naturally helps prevent algae from growing on the walls or in the water.

What is the cheapest type of pool to maintain? ›

Fiberglass pools need the least long-term maintenance, so they cost the least! Your only real costs are water chemicals ($175/year) and electrical energy for the pump and filter system ($200/year). Fiberglass pool maintenance over 10 years costs about $3,750.

What is the least toxic pool system? ›

AOP pool systems are probably the most effective, safest and most environmentally-friendly method of sanitizing pool water. They also provide the cleanest, clearest pool water with the least amount of chlorine required.

What is best to have around a pool? ›

If you want to be able to enjoy your pool area even on the hottest days, it's important to create a shaded lounging area. This can be achieved by installing a pergola, umbrella, or gazebo near your pool. You could also plant trees or shrubs around the perimeter of your pool area to provide natural shade.

What time of year are above ground pools cheapest? ›

While late fall/ early winter is traditionally the best time of the year to score a great deal on an above-ground swimming pool, the current economy changes all the rules.

Should I cover my pool every day? ›

In dry and/or windy conditions, the evaporation rate of the pool increases. Therefore, it is generally beneficial to have a transparent or bubble cover on during daylight hours. In warm, humid conditions the evaporation rate decreases. In this case, it may be more beneficial to leave the cover off during the daytime.

What is the expected life of an above ground pool? ›

A high-quality above ground pool from Valley Pool & Spa should last between 10 and 20 years depending on how well you care for it. However, your pool liner will not last as long as your pool. Contact a pool expert at our store to see if you need a new liner before you decide to replace your entire pool.

Why bury an above ground pool? ›

But in-ground pools have advantages, such as ease of entry, ease of maintenance and the fact that in-ground installations keep water temperatures more stable. Plus, they're better looking. Which prompts the question: Is it OK to put an above-ground pool in the ground? The answer is yes, you can.

Why can't you bury an above ground pool? ›

A traditional above ground pool is not designed to be buried. The thin steel or aluminum wall of traditional above-ground pools gets its strength from the pressure of the water. It is not strong enough to withstand the force of the ground pushing back against it as well.

What not to do when installing above ground pool? ›

Pool Installation Mistakes
  1. Unlevel Ground. The most obvious of mistakes is often the most daunting of them all. ...
  2. Untended Land. If you don't tend after the land surrounding the pool, you are allowing untended plants and shrubs to grow. ...
  3. Pool Deck. ...
  4. Draining. ...
  5. Lack of Support. ...
  6. Using Too Much Sand. ...
  7. Not Compacting.

How do people afford to put in a pool? ›

Homeowners with good credit, and enough equity to back the loan, can use home equity loans or home equity lines of credit to pay for pool costs. Homeowners without enough equity could use unsecured personal loans. Borrowers with bad credit should strengthen their credit file before applying.

Can a pool be a good investment? ›

The Bottom Line

A pool has the best shot of adding value to your home if you live in a hot, tropical area where neighboring homes also have pools. But you may end up with a negative return on investment (ROI) from installing a pool if you live in areas where there aren't any pools in the neighborhood.

Do pools appreciate in value? ›

How much value does a pool add to a home? Adding an in-ground pool can increase your home's value as much 7 percent — that's the number that's often cited by residential real estate authorities like HouseLogic, Today's Homeowner and HomeAdvisor.

Are oval pools harder to install? ›

Oval pools are more expensive to purchase as well as install. (An installer can typically install 2 round pools in the time it takes to properly install an oval pool. This results in a more labor intensive, higher priced installation.)

How close to a house can an above ground pool be? ›

Generally speaking for both above and inground pools, your pool should be at least 10 feet or more from your house. This rule of thumb goes for any size pool you may be considering.

How much water does a 16x32 oval pool hold? ›

Oval Pools
Pool ShapePool Size in Feet6 Ft Avg. Depth
Oval15 x 2760,600
Oval15 x 3068,400
Oval16 x 3277,400
Oval16 x 3688,500
1 more row

What is the ideal pool length? ›

For a family of 1-2 people, we recommend a minimum pool size of 14 x 25ft. For a family of 3-5 people, we recommend a minimum pool size of 16 x 32ft. For a family of 6-8 people, we recommend a minimum pool size of 18 x 36ft.

What is a reasonable pool size? ›

Typical sizes include 9m x 4m, 8m x 4m, 7m x 4m, and 6m x 3m. Depth is usually around 1.5-1.7 metres, with a deep end and a shallow end. Many people prefer rectangular pools as they provide the maximum amount of swimming space for the area (unlike freeform pools with curves).

What is the best width of lap pool? ›

Their width ranges from six to 10 ft. Experts recommend a minimum depth of 3-1/2 feet so swimmers don't scrape their hands or feet on the bottom. If you do flip turns at the end of each lap like the Olympic swimmers, you need a pool that's at least four feet deep.

What is the most common above ground pool? ›

A 24-foot diameter pool is the most popular size for a round above ground model, while 15 by 30 feet is a common choice for oval-shaped pools. However, you'll find round sizes everywhere between 8 and 33 feet. Oval pools range up to 21 by 41 feet but can be customized to stretch much longer.

What is the best and deepest above ground pool? ›

The deepest above-ground pool available is the Intex 36-Foot by 16-Foot by 52-Inch Above-Ground Pool. The four-foot depth may not seem like a lot, but in the world of above-ground pools, it's tough to find deeper floors.

Should I get a deep end in my pool? ›

If the pool will be used purely for leisure, a deep end is probably not necessary. On the other side of that, a higher activity pool would probably benefit from having a deep end. Also, consider pool games, such as volleyball, which are most commonly played in the shallow end of the pool.

Are oval pools sturdy? ›

On a well-made (more expensive) pool, the round and oval pools will be equally strong – and you'll pay almost $2500 extra in materials, engineering, and installation to make the oval as strong as the round.

Are oval pools better than round? ›

If your yard is longer than the width, an oval pool will fit much better. This will allow you to have much more swimming space. Even though oval pools do tend to take up a bunch of space, many models have space-saving assemblies with buttress-free style support systems.

Which type of pool last longer? ›

A concrete pool has the highest lifetime cost and takes the longest to install (approximately three to six months), but it can be built to any specifications. They are the most difficult to maintain, but they also last the longest.

What is the best pool shape for a family? ›

Circular Pools

They're visually-appealing ways to break up large areas of land and are perfect shapes for having fun with friends and family. Compared to straight-walled pools, circular models are also cost-effective methods of cultivating significant swimming areas.

What is the average lifespan of a pool? ›

Pools with vinyl liners will last more than 20 years, as long as you replace your liner every 6-12 years. Concrete pools have exceptional longevity, but you need to resurface the concrete every 10 years or so. Fiberglass pools have the longest lifespans of any in-ground pool, often easily surpassing 30 years.

Can an above ground pool last 20 years? ›

A high-quality above ground pool from Valley Pool & Spa should last between 10 and 20 years depending on how well you care for it. However, your pool liner will not last as long as your pool. Contact a pool expert at our store to see if you need a new liner before you decide to replace your entire pool.

Can an above ground pool last 30 years? ›

Like any other piece of furniture, equipment, or installation on your property, the life of above-ground pools also depends on certain factors. On average, these pools can last from 7 to 20 years, depending on the type of pool, method of installation, location of the pool, maintenance, and system mechanicals.

Can an above ground pool last 25 years? ›

The market average life of an above ground pool may be shorter than you think at about 7-15 years. However, when you buy from a quality brand and maintain your pool properly it will last many years longer than that.

How long should you run a pool everyday? ›

Every pool should cycle through all of its water at least once a day, so most pool owners will want to run their pumps for at least 4-8 hours daily.

How long should a pool run daily? ›

On average, you should run your pool pump around 6-8 hours per day during winter and 10-12 hours per day during summer. Note that you need to run your pool pump longer during summer because algae grow more in warm temperatures.

Do you drain above ground pools every year? ›

Most pool professionals recommend completely emptying your above-ground pool every three to five years. You'll be able to start over with fresh and properly treated water. Think about how often you use your pool. The more often you use it, the faster the level of total dissolved solids (TDS) will rise.

Do above ground pools break easily? ›

Above ground pools are more likely to collapse than inground pools, but both types of pools are capable of collapsing. Below are common causes of pool collapse: The weight of snow or ice on a pool's cover. If you don't drain your pool cover, the rainwater that collects can freeze and form a sheet of ice.

How often should a pool liner be replaced? ›

Is your pool's liner looking a little worn down? A typical vinyl liner lasts between 10 and 15 years, though there are many factors that can affect its lifespan. Living in an area susceptible to ground water problems can reduce your liner's life, as can not keeping the water in your pool balanced.

What is the best time of year to install an above ground pool? ›

Contrary to popular belief, the fall is the ideal time for inground and above ground swimming pool installation. The weather is much more predictable in the fall and the ground is usually dry after the summer. Builders have increased availability and can build your new pool without any major setbacks.

Do above ground pools decrease value? ›

Many buyers require the removal of the pool before purchase. While an above ground swimming pool can get you what you want at a cheaper price, it won't end well should you ever elect to sell your home. Above-ground pools can negatively impact the home's aesthetic, especially in comparison to neighboring homes.

How often should you treat your above ground pool? ›

Most above ground pools use 2–4 of the 3" chlorine tablets per week in a floating chlorinator. In addition to your tablets, it's important to shock the pool weekly to keep both living and non-living organic contaminants under control.

Is a thicker pool liner better? ›

A thicker inground pool vinyl liner will be able to withstand more impact and is more resistant to punctures. Potential punctures can come from a wide variety of sources, including animal claws, broken glass, or basically anything with a point, including long fingernails and toenails.


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